Hiking Hong Pak Country Trail

Our favourtie trail so far. In the beginning husband wasn’t too thrilled with the choice as we would see his office most of the time! Great views, great trail variety, and for most part no people!

View over Quarry Bay to Kowloon

Mt. Parker Road Barbecue Area – haven’t had a chance to make use of any of the barbecue areas, but planning to. They are on most of the trails, and usually pretty busy!

Exercise area

We are pretty sure that when the dogs get tired, they fit perfectly in the pockets of his cargo pants

The Hong Pak Country Trail in the Tai Tam Country Park

We enjoyed variety of the trail.

Energetic Husband

Beautiful views

End of the trail. Another 15 minutes to Tai Koo MTR station

There are several paths going off in other directions all along the Hong Pak trail. We will be back to explore them later.
We’re constantly shocked each time we go hiking by how easy it is on HK Island.

You can be on the main road one minute and the next on some ‘hidden’ trail completely surrounded by greenery.

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