Goodbye 2010!

End of an amazing year. 2010 has been such a great year for us. Probably the best so far. I didn’t want to say goodbye to it and wouldn’t have minded it sticking around for a bit longer. I am having the most exciting time of my life.

JANUARY: Started with a lazy New Year’s Eve (which has been our tradition for over a decade) and a very early, freezing trip to the park to watch the first sunrise of the year.

Hollow Ponds at dawn, London

Thinking back, the way we started the year was significant. We did something completely new for us. And we kept it up thoughout the year. Maomao asked if I’d like to visit him in Beijing and I was very happy to do so! I hadn’t seen him for a year and had an unforgettable time with him and his family in a very cold Chinese capital.

Ice skaters on frozen Houhai lake, Beijing

At one point during one of our short walks, my camera lens actually froze. I have never been so constantly cold in my entire life! Temperature -16C

View from White Dagoda (Bai Ta), Beihai Park, Beijing

Husband reached his 38 year!

Birthday Boy

FEBRUARY: Visit to Poland



Was lucky to catch Bartek while he was in the country! Crazy working traveler.

Lukasz has decided to finally come to London and live with us.


Exploring London with Lukasz

Planning has started

APRIL: : The month of packing, shopping for travel gear and organizing mundane things. A very busy month.

Ania joined Lukasz in London. Living together was fun!

MAY: We spent the first 3 weeks of our travels in Russia. That was definitely a unique experience.

St. Petersburg

Weeks of ‘sampling’ vodka.

With Maomao and Fred in Moscow.

Lake Baikal, Listvyanka

Traveled from St. Peterburg to Ulaanbaatar on Russian trains.

Chingis Khan Statue, S�khbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar

A perfect rainbow, Mongolia

The “loaf” – where we spent hours and hours on our 10 day Gobi tour, Mongolia

JUNE: A couple of weeks in Mongolia, which were great and then we hopped back on a train (AGAIN) from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing. Thanks to Maomao we got all the permits for Tibet and train tickets.

The most amaizing part of our 4 month trip was Tibet. The Potala Palace, Lhasa.

Mt. Everest North Base Camp. 5100 meters (16728 feet), Tibet

Huanglong, Sichuan Province, China

Guilin, Guangxi Province, China


Princess for a day. Maryanne 18th birthday celebrations.

One of the birthday cakes. There was a blue one on another table.

AUGUST: Weeks of relaxing, diving and little else in Bohol. Pure laziness!

Alona Beach, Panglao Island

After seeing us chilling out on the beach via skype, Maomao and his Mum joined us for a long weekend! Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Me and my hmmm… black(?!) Husband

SEPTEMBER: Back home for several weeks. And, deja vu, we are packing again!

Boxes of stuff heading for storage. Gave away a few hundred books. Prepared apartment for Maomao and Fred.

OCTOBER:Arrived in Hong Kong on the 3rd (our new home for years(?) to come) with only a backpack each. Two boxes of stuff would arrive in a couple of weeks. We are here!

View from The Peak

NOVEMBER: Our second month in Hong Kong

Exploring every single day.

DECEMBER: For the first time ever we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, warm Christmas month. Had a fantastic time with friends on Christmas day which started with an 11:30 brunch at Wagyu Lounge, moved 200 meters down the street to Azure at LKF Hotel on the 29th floor and finished at after 10pm. Great cocktails, amazing view, and boys managed a few games of pool too (no idea how as we all had A LOT of wine).

Fabulous day with friends.

Wagyu Lounge steak. The winner of the Best Steak 2010 awards 🙂 and our current recommendation going into 2011

Breathtaking night view of Hong Kong from 29th floor.

We ended 2010 in the lovely company of Victoria and Simon. Great food truly fantastic company (thanks guys!)

New Year’s Eve reveller grabbing a bit of shut-eye on the ferry back from Discovery Bay. Glittery hats were very popular that night. No matter what age or gender.

Trying to put this post together was an eye opening experience. We truly had a wonderful year.

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