Our first ever microlight flight. And in Cambodia of all places.

While recuperating with the aid of some very sweet Kymer coffee and wifi back at the B&B after a long day treking around the temple complex under the blazingly hot sun, we chanced upon the “Things to do” section of TripAdvisor’s Siem Reap listing.
– Quad bikes .. nah, not really
– Ankor Wat .. obviously
– Microlight flights … Hmmm. Why not?

From the little 2-man microlight, we got some amazing views of the surrounding countryside of Siem Reap and managed to see many of the local temples and villages that were obscured by everything at ground level.

Much, much better than the Ankor Wat balloon which only goes up and down as Eddy (the Pilot) gives a personal commentary throughout the flight, points out stuff and then heads towards it to get a better look. Unfortunately, the clouds came in towards the end.

Apparently, October is the best time to visit. It’s the end of the rainy season and the whole countryside is lush and vibrant.

Husband getting strapped in. Yes, you have the camera now. Don’t drop it.

This area of Cambodia is amazingly flat

One of the local villages on stilts.

Another temple. I think Eddy mentioned that this was the oldest in the area but the least visited because it’s so hard to reach

Happy (and relieved).

The best time of the year is Autumn (October, November) and Spring (March). Beautiful clear sky and lush greenery everywhere. I am sure we will jump on the microlight again!

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