Our 24hrs in Macau

After 14 months in Hong Kong we have finally headed over to Macau. Heard about it from EVERYBODY. It was as easy as everyone told us: only an hour on a very comfortable ferry from Sheung Wan. Immigration check, no visa necessary, new stamp in our passport and on the way to taxi.

We have booked a table at Antonio’s in Old Taipa Village and were looking forward to a good portuguese meal. We weren’t disappointed! Antonio’s is a Miele awardee and Michelin-recommended restaurant owned by a friendly Chef Antonio Coelho.

Gratinated Goat’s Cheese with Olive Oil and Honey Served on Toast, Lettuce and Balsamic Vinegar – loved it. Dark, rye bread with honey tasted great with a very generous portion of goats cheese.

Patrick, ready to dig in African Chicken with Garlic, Onions, Chili, Ginger and Coconut Milk Sauce.

Tenderloin Steak “Portuguese” Style, Fried with Garlic and White Wine Served with Portuguese Smoked Ham, Fried Egg, Potatoes and Pickles – definitive table winner! Boys were very jealous and I didn’t have a choice and had to share!

Side street of Taipa Village.

The brand new Galaxy Macau mega resort. Casino and three 5-star hotels, 50 restaurants and 450 gambling tables. Overwhelming in size and amount of kitsch (and this is just from the outside). This photo only captures a small part of it!

The Venetian Macao is famous in HK for it’s casino, shopping, thousands of rooms, ‘Venetian’ canals and The House of Dancing Water Show. I wanted to see the casino and canals. We didn’t play, but enjoyed a drink and watching people instead.

There are faux Venetian canals on the second floor of the building! During the day gondoliers even sing, while rowing their passengers up and down (the pools aren’t connected). We were there well past midnight and didn’t have to fight the traditional crowds of shoppers and tourists. Impressively kitsch but nothing compared to the real thing.

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