Guangzhou by day

Before arriving in Guangzhou on Wednesday it was 28 Celsius degrees and the weather forecast said it would be 26-28 degrees for the remainder of the week. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on the first morning and it was 17 degrees. Perfect blue sky, very sunny, but cold. To make matters worse, apart from T-shirts, I had only brought summer clothes with me: one pair of cropped jeans and a very thin cardigan (to combat crazy AC in buildings)… It was coooooold. Winter’s-day cold with a biting wind. Everyone was wearing big Winter puffy or leather jackets, big leather shoes and multiple scarves.

Recently planted old trees and wooden walkaways.

Guangzhou New Library.

Man sitting alone on the bench.

Guangzhou International Finance Center (103 floors, 440m – the highest tallest building in South China). Everywhere around the park there were old ladies working as gardeners. They sat on tiny (about 20cm high) wooden stools and used garden knives or sheers for everything. No lawnmowers, hedgecutters or power tools of any kind.

Wall of lanterns.

Lunch break.

A desserted walkway in the middle of the day (a rare sight in Hong Kong). Hard to belive they use these small plastic brooms to sweep these kilometers of concrete paving.

There are many 5-star hotels and restaurants nearby but you can find food for regular workers too. They eat sitting on the egde of the manicured park before going back to work mostly to one of many building sites around… Interestingly, building sites in China operate 24hours a day!

Something big and gold outside one of the shopping malls.


There were quite a few Northern Chinese tourist groups being herded around and not that many locals. After living in Hong Kong, Guangzhou felt empty, almost deserted. I liked the fact that I could choose one of many benches to sit on and not queue or wait for one.

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