Hiking Wilson Trail – Stages 6 to 10

Stage 6 & 7

We combined stages 6 & 7 (15.5km). Started in Tai Po Road and walk up to Yuen Tun Ha. It seemed like much longer than the 15km mentioned in the guidebook. After awhile it got a bit tedious. Not difficult enough. A good stage for a relaxing walk and gossip for a few hours.

We managed to loose the trail a few times. Here’s Ruth next to the missed sign that was ‘hiding’ behind a van.

Monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys.

Some of the older monkeys were very, very scary. One older male followed us around to see if we had any food from him. If you are caught feeding them, you go to a court and, if found guilty, have to pay a fine (as our friend experienced). We were more worried about attracting more attention from the unpredictable monkey that seemed to be stalking us.

Views of Kowloon.

Clearly not tired or sweaty at all!

Long walk around Shing Mun Reservoir.

The way back to civilization.

Stage 8

Finally, a great and very rewarding trail that goes in a big circle around Fanling. Great views and many, many steps. We were tired and satisfied after our 9km walk over Cloudy Hill (not a cloud in sight).

Husband in front at the start of the hike.

Can you see the amount of steps? Almost never ending.

Happy Ruth.

Beautiful views. We were very lucky with the weather.

Stage 9

The most beautiful part of the entire trail! (10.5km) We had some problems with getting to the beginning of the it as following the directions from ‘The serious hikers guidebook’ put us on wrong minibus. It was definitively worth it, however. Tough workout but a true pleasure. To our surprise we weren’t alone. It was a very busy day on the trail. We met many small groups of older Asian people.

Hmm, where were we supposed to start this weekend?

Very hungover Husband from a night of hard drinking. He wished that we could have done one of the easier stages (or not gone out at all).

Stage 10

A 5.5km walk down and down and down. If we knew this in advance, we’d skip it. And it does look like it’s skippable as we met no one on this trail (in stark contrast to busy stage 9 which we’d just finished). We were running almost two hours late for our celebratory lunch with friends so jogged down the tarmac bits near the end to get it over with. It’s a good thing we were still amazed from stage 9.

On the way to the village we passed several ancestral shrines

Fellow hikers.

Beautiful HK countryside.

After the last marker, it took us at least another 40mins to get back to the main road. Basically, the trail finishes in the middle of nowhere and had to continue walking to the nearest town. Luckily, we managed to flag down a taxi. All together it took us two hours to get back to Central after finishing the entire trail. 2 hours! That is much longer than getting to China!

The End


It is official: we have walked the entire Wilson trail, all 78km of it. It has been great fun. There are a few stages which I will probably never repeat (3,6,7), and there are other parts which were absolutely beautiful (1,2,4,8,9) which I’ll happily repeat again and again. One of the biggest surprises is that we made a new friend. Ruth 😀

After the hike celebration at The Globe with friends (from right: Ruth, Patrick, Jim, Natalie, Lachlan, Husband & me).

Starting in January: Lantau Trail.

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