Russian food in Harbin

Not only did we find chocolate, souvenirs and a very famous bakery, but Russian restaurants too. Interestingly some of the locals speak Russian.

Just off the main street: ‘Russia Coffee and Food’ a small and very quaint restaurant with great decor. Surprisingly, the menu is only in Chinese and (badly translated) English… no Russian.

In English: ‘Red soup’ – which I was hoping would mean classic russian borscht. Got sour cabbage soup instead! Still, it was tasty.

Beef stew was delicious. Pot was actually made of iron which kept the food warm for a long time. We saw it on the table next to us and asked the Chinese tourists what it was. We couldn’t understand and they kindly pointed it our for us on the menu: ‘Cattle pot’.

Very nice interior. The wicker baskets at each table for gloves, hats, scarves etc… was a very practical and nice touch.

We also ordered Russian sausage, mash potatoes and bread. It was our first time in a Russian restaurant since 2010. It was exactly what we needed in terms of comfort food.
A great place to escape from the cold and it felt a bit like someone’s living room.
Russia Coffee and Food, 57 Xitoudao Street, Daoli District

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