Strolling around Vientiane

It’s hard to believe that 3 weeks ago we were in Harbin desperately trying not not freeze and now we’re in Vientiane happily sitting in coffee shops in T-shirts and shorts. We’ve gone from -30C to well over +20C. Different world.
We have been walking around a lot, going in the wats, sightseeing, enjoying lots of incredible Lao food and French pastries (the best pastries since moving to Asia!)

Lots of tourists. Different ages. Including families.

Vientiane is the capital (and largest) city of Laos and it sits on the Mekong River. It felt very small and very relaxed. Probably the smallest capital we have ever visited.

Population: 750000

Street seller.

Girls on pink bicycles.

You can buy peeled mango and apples everywhere.

That Dam (Black Stupa), Chantha Khoumane Road.


One of many, many tuk-tuks in the city.

Husband paying for fruit at the Talat Sao Morning Market.

Bag of snacks anyone?

Husband trying his first Beer Lao.

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