Lazy weekend away

Over April and May we spent over five weeks with two sets of our family in Asia. With my Mum, her partner, my brother Lukasz and his girlfriend Ania we not only spent time in Hong Kong, but in Thailand as well. After sightseeing Bangkok we headed down to Phuket and spent a wonderful five days lazing on the beach, swimming and, of course, eating and drinking. It was our first time in a resort in 8 years. Our family loved it and we really enjoyed our time there with them.

Six weeks later, Husband came back from work saying that he desperately needed a break. First place that came to mind was beach and swimming pool in Khao Lak. We are not normally resort-type people, but we did enjoy their swimming pool (an incredible 3km worth) which snakes through the property and the miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach to walk (the walk to the nearest resort took us an hour one way).

Warm weather, the sound of crashing waves, long breakfast – perfect morning.

Happy couple.

You can walk for miles along the beach. Apart from several local restaurants next to the resort it’s a long way to the next place.

Plumeria flowers.

3km of pool. During our regular 6am swim we were alone. Same at night.

Windy afternoon. It felt wonderful.

Very powerful waves. We played in the sea and got completely hammered.

We sat at the same table every evening. Ideal spot for watching sunsets and eating great Thai food.

View from our table.

Relaxed Husband.

Sunset on our way back to hot and rainy Hong Kong.

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