1st July – anniversary of handover

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. A lot has been happening over this weekend: Chinese President Hu Jinato’s spent 3 days in Hong Kong, which resulted in anti-Beijing protests and heavy police presence all over the island. This morning a self-made millionaire Leung Chun-ying (CY Leung) was sworn in by Chinese President as the new chief executive of Hong Kong.

In the afternoon thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered in Victoria Park in preparation for the annual protest against China’s refusal to allow more democracy in HK.

Unofficial figures put the number of protesters at around 400,000

It was a 2 mile route which took over 4 hours from Victoria Park, down to Hennessy Road, along Queensway and ending at the Central Government Offices in Tamar on Tim Mei Avenue.

Amongst all the chaos, a painter.

Hong Kong way to express frustrations with Beijing rule.

Support of human rights.

Hong Kong Cycling Alliance.

Drums playing.

Other causes were present too: better state pensions and day care.

On the other hand, there was a 23 minute firework show at 8pm over Victoria Harbour. The event was huge and you could hear and see the explosions from all over the island. I bet there will be some great videos online in a day or two.

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