Australia Dairy Company

Fred and I were exploring Kowloon side a few days ago when he took me to probably the most famous tea restaurant in Hong Kong. The Australia Dairy Company is the place to go for a quick meal. Their shop is located on Parkes Street, just a short walk from Jordan MTR station. Their scrambled eggs are legendary! If you are anywhere close by, make your way there. There is usually a long line of people along the street waiting outside for a meal but turnover is super fast. We were hurried in, but were able to take time deciding what to order (which wasn’t that easy as we had just had lunch an hour earlier). The waiter (only male staff on the restaurant floor) hovered close to our table ready to take our order. They are very efficient and extremely well organized. The restaurant is small, packed with small tables and stools and, as everywhere in HK and China, very noisy with people chatting away, the clinking of cutlery on plates and the sound of the kitchen. It is not the place for a relaxing breakfast with a daily newspaper or a book. You are supposed to order quickly, eat fast and go on your way.

Australia Dairy Company

As is common in many ‘no-nonsense’ restaurants you share tables with strangers. Your order is taken immediately, food arrives couple of minutes later and as soon as you put your cutlery down, your empty plate disappears.

Do not expect Australian milk.

Preparation of Steamed Egg White and Milk dessert.

The best scrambled eggs in the city.

We had one serving of perfectly fluffy, moist and buttery scrambled eggs on lightly toasted white bread (14HDK) and to my surprise Fred ordered something else: toasted white bread with butter AND condensed milk (14HKD). As a not secret condensed milk lover how could I have not known that this item is sold in most of a cha chain teng (tea restaurants)?! I am not a breakfast person, but I do love my snacks and condensed milk. The eggs were very good. I looked around and saw that most of the customers ordered set menus. On every table, in addition to toast and scrambled eggs, there were also servings of soup with macaroni and shredded ham. Not something I would order but Fred assured me that it was filling comfort food at a great price (26HKD for a set with egg toast and tea).

Chilled Steamed Egg White and Milk dessert ready to be severed (20HKD).

The only question now is: why are they called: Australia Dairy Company? There is nothing Australian there apart from, maybe, the occasional tourist.
Anytime I will be around I will pop in for some scrambled eggs toast or a condensed milk one. There were delicious!

I was there with Fred (Cantonese speaker) but the good news is that, unlike other similar places, they do have English menus.

Australia Dairy Company, 47- 49 Parkes Street,Jordan, Kowloon
Opening Hours: Daily 7:30am to 11:00pm, Exit C2 Jordon’s MTR Station and walk towards Parkes Street

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