… and counting… Fast. Very fast. Too fast!
Today I am officially 36 years old and to tell the truth I don’t feel a day older than 25! It has been like this for over a decade. I am more comfortable and happier with myself than ever before but I find it annoying that I am getting older.

The most annoying thing about my age right now? Having to fill in a different age bracket in questionnaires and forms. No more 26-35, now it will be 36-49(?) It does not feel right. It actually feels completely alien.

There are no resolutions as we all know I don’t pay any attention to them after taking the time to write them down. Plans? A few exciting ones, but nothing life changing. I love where I am right now. Would I want to change anything? No. I am happy. I am looking forward to trying new things, seeing new places and continuing to enjoy my life with Husband in Asia.

Because I feel 25 years old (despite the fact that my ID states otherwise) there will be no ‘middle age’ crisis. There is a long way to go before that. And when I do hit that I know that Husband will be next to me and fortunately he will know how to deal with me.

Now off to enjoy a new day in my life!

Truly happy.

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