14th Ani-Com & Games HK

Between the 27th July to 31st of July, the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai hosted the 14th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Fair. We were curious and had a free afternoon before watching the new Batman movie so what better way to prepare for a superhero movie than by seeing them in real life. There were many cosplayers in attendance dressed up as characters from manga, anime and comic books. Husband recognized a few. I was hopeless apart from noticing Ironman! Most of them were cute, smiley teenagers.

Inside the convention, you could play games and, of course, buy all sorts of franchised goods. The most popular were toys, comic books and gadgets. It was very crowded. Last year they had 700 thousand visitors over a long weekend. If you are interested at all in the latest trends in anime and comic books from Japan, Taiwan and other countries, it was the place to visit.

Checking make up.

Elaborate costume made with a help of tin foil.

‘Toys’ on sale and display.

I got to hold the gun when one of the girls asked for a photo with me – and of course she made a peace sign! The gun was surprisingly heavy (metal) and felt real.

Umbrella/swords were very popular items.

Kids were walking away with huge bags full of Manga.

It was my first experience of a comic con. Husband enjoyed it a lot. I found it interesting. I’ve seen cosplayers in Tokyo’s famous Yoyogi Park (next to Harajuku Station) and I must admit that HK cosplayers seem to be much more ‘tame’ in comparison. There was definitively less gory make up and fake blood. As always in HK it was nice to see whole families enjoying themselves (not only teens), playing games and, of course, queuing a lot for everything.

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