Hiking Lantau Trail – Stage 4 & 5 &6

Stage 4

In order to get to the beginning of stage 4 Ruth and I (Husband had to work) spent almost an hour getting from Tung Chung to Nhong Ping on the slowest bus ever. It’s not an easy road. It’s very steep in places, goes up and down a lot and the bus was on it’s last legs. Every time we were going uphill it made strange noises. We vowed that the next time (if there is a next time) we need to get to Nhong Ping, we’ll take the Cable Car instead.

It was a mistake not to walk stage four of the Lantau trail straight after finishing stage three. We were tired and put it off for ‘next time’. If we had known how it looked we would most definitively have carried on and done both stages in one go. Stage 4 starts just to the left of the Wisdom Path and after an initial nice, short walk it unfortunately continues along the busy Ngong Ping Road and down Sham Wat Road. This was not the ‘proper’ trail as that was closed in 2008 after a massive landslid and re-routed to today’s route.

Nice beginning of stage 4.

Long walk alongside the road.

Stage 4 Ngong Ping –> Sham Wat Road 4km

Stage 5

We started with a climb up the stars which led us to Kwun Yam Shan peak (459meters) and later on to Ling Wui Shan (490meters). It was a humid and very hot day with, unfortunately, no clear skies. With better weather we probably would have enjoyed it more. On the other hand, the sun would probably have burnt us as there was no shade anywhere. We only got very hazy views of Tai O village once or twice. No famous commanding views but a very good walk.

Stone steps.

Ruth following the trail.

Water buffalo grazing next to a distance marker.

Beautiful trail.

Grey, hazy skies, green surroundings and the only other color which we had along the trail were these pretty flowers. Lots of them.

Peeling paper-bark trees (Melaleuca quinquenervia).

Lung Tsai Ng Yuen (The Small Dragon’s Garden) through the trees.

Stage 5 Sham Wat Road –> Man Cheung Po 7.5km

Stage 6

Stage 6 begins just after Lung Tsai Ng Yuen. Originally we had decided to do only two stages that day, but found out that stage 5 finishes in the middle of nowhere. We had two choices: carry on or do 5 stage in reverse (as several people online advised).. We decided to carry on. Stage 6 is short. Only 2.5km and an easy, mostly downhill walk on concrete.

View of Po Toi in a haze. Not pretty weather, but a good end to a hike.

Stage 6 seemed abandoned. There was a lot of fallen bamboo on the trail and pretty overgrown. It looked as though it hadn’t been cleared in a long time but I suspect that most of it was from the previous week’s typhoon as several times we had to walk around big fallen trees.

This part of the Lantau trail is famous for it’s beautiful butterflies. Not on the day we were hiking. Between us, I think that we only saw a couple.

Stage 6 Man Cheung Po –> Tai O 2.5km

We are halfway through Lantau trail, but unfortunately it looks like we probably won’t be able to do a Saturday hike until well into October. Too many travel plans and not enough weekends. Our goal is to finish Lantau trail by the end of 2012 and maybe start the new year with MacLehose trail.

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