Akihabara Electric City

When you have a geeky husband, one of the ‘must visit’ (every time!) places in Tokyo is Akihabara Electric City. It is *the* Tokyo district to go where you can buy everything and anything electronic and anime.

BIG buildings completely full of electronics, computers, anime, manga and arcades.

Adult men hypnotized by dancing anime girls.

Soft toys for men. You can even buy mouse pads of your favourite female anime character with boob shaped wrist cushions.

There are lots of “maid cafes” around Akihabara where the staff (girls of course) are dressed up and behave like anime characters. We decided to skip this experience. It was enough to see the girls on the street handing out leaflets while speaking in squeaky, very unnatural, ‘cutesy’ voices. In cafes waitressing staff apparently refer to customers as ‘master’.

Japanese pop sensation ‘AKB48’ has a cafe and shop right next to Akihabara station. They have 64 members (seriously!) and they are one of the highest earning musical acts in the world. Their posters are on display all over Akihabara, in every shop, on the outside walls of buildings and even on passing cars. Next door is the Gundam Cafe with one of the robots out front. To his disappointment, Husband had to inform me that it was/is a popular japanese sci-fi animation series about giant robots called ‘Mobile Suits’. Girls band and robots have their own branded cafes!!

8 floors of ‘toys’.

Godzilla is back in Tokyo!

‘Real’ glass slipper. A bit of an affront to see it on sale next to a Batman figure. It should be in it’s own gold cabinet!

Very excited husband. Insisted on a photo to show to his brothers. I was relived when we left the shop without it!

Vintage Star Wars toys. Surprisingly cheap.

Two of the floors in this building were for over-18’s only.

…I managed to take a few sneaky photos.

Full-size anime body pillow anyone?

Big truck advertising a new album of some Japanese pop star.

This would be a huge hit in HK – hats with built-in solar powered fans.

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