Sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Market

What to do at 5:30am next to the biggest seafood market in the world? Go for breakfast to eat the freshest sushi in Tokyo and drink chilled sake, of course!

There are a lot of sushi restaurants next to Tsukiji Market and some of them are so popular that people start queuing before they even open – and they open at 5am!

We stepped into a branch of Sushizanmai. They seem to have about a dozen restaurants around the market so must be doing something right. Of course we choose to sit at the counter.

Chive buds, Minced Tuna with Green Onion and Sea Eel

Salmon and Fatty Tuna. The fattiest of the fatty tuna ever! It was, to put it simply: unbelievable. The best sushi we have ever eaten. Great flavours and texture and it just dissolved/melted in our mouths.

Skilled and smiley chef.

Gizzard Shad, Fatty Tuna and Horse Mackerel.

Grilled Eel with the perfect amount of rice for Husband.

Friendly staff. Happy to pose for photos.

Would you be really surprised if you heard that the next day (our last in Tokyo), the first thing we did was to head to Tsukiji for our last breakfast before heading to Kyoto?

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