Hot green tea on the go

Green tea is my drink of choice while in Japan. It is very easy to just grab a bottle of one the dozen or so different brands of green tea from stores or vending machines. Despite the fact that it is summer time and the temperature is around 30 degrees celcius, you can still buy hot green tea! Big plus for me: No added sugar – compared to Chinese brands where you have to search to find unsweetened tea.

Most stores have small heated cabinets for hot drinks.

“Oi Ocha” from my favourite brand: Ito En. They also make “Oi Ocha Dark” which is stronger. Both are available in HK but only from the cold cabinet. In one of the bigger shops they even sell two litre bottles. The bottle tops indicate the temperature: Orange = hot. White = cold.


To my surprise, we found Haiku on the back label in English. These two were winners at the 22nd Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku contest. Contestants from 24 countries submitted over twelve thousand poems (up to six per person). Two thousand of those entries were published on Oi Ocha product packaging.

“Breathing with mountains. A traveller forgets the sound of ticking clocks.” Miroki Tong, 22, from Canada

“New Year. The first announcement of snow is seen in your hair.” Marela Marija Mimica, 74, from Croatia

Lots of different brands and types of coffee.

Canned coffee.

I wished I could buy this tea in Hong Kong. Especially on one of those cold days in January or February. It would be a perfect way to warm up. Glad that I was able to get it during summer time and, yes, it was about 30degrees and I was still buying hot tea at least once or twice a day.

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