Goodbye 2012!

2012 was a great year for us. Husband said that it was probably the best so far.. but he says that every year. We spent lots of time with family and friends. Good times, though definitely not enough time in Hong Kong. Decided not to count how many flights we took this year or how many weekends we spent away.


We welcomed in 2012 in freezing Beijing.

Celebrated New Year with Maomao and his family and friends with an obvious and delicious choice for dinner: hot pot and 52% ‘Chinese wine’. True Beijing style.

A couple of weeks break in Hong Kong and then we traveled to Thailand and Laos where we explored Vientiane, Vang Viene and Luang Prabang. Completely fell in love with Luang Prabang, the people, cuisine and scenery. Sunrise from Chomsy Hill.

Watched the dawn procession of monks in Luang Prabang.

Celebrated Husband’s 40th birthday.


Started hiking Hong Kong trail with Ruth.

Came back from Laos on the 1st of February and spent the whole month in Hong Kong. Enjoyed spending weekends indoors in cold (for Hong Kong) weather, reading, browsing the Internet and cooking at home. After our visit to Laos I got obsessed with finding recipes and making perfect banana bread. I experimented a lot. Quiet month.


Attended our second ArtWalk

Experienced stunning weather on the Dragon’s Back while hiking the Hong Kong Trail.

Finished Hong Kong Trail.

In March I also started learning Mandarin again. Private lessons for 3 months and my third attempt. I had high hopes but unfortunately I failed. Again. Should I have another go in 2013? Who wants to vote?


After a two month break from travelling we headed back to Laos. We really loved our time there in January.

Took one of my favourite photos in Luang Prabang.

A few days after we came back from Laos our guests arrived in Hong Kong.

Spent a week of very intensive sight-seeing around Hong Kong. Probably the most unpleasant week in 2012 when it comes to weather as it rained every single day.

Had lots of fun.

And then we all headed to Thailand to explore Bangkok and later relax on a beach.


36 hours after my Mum, her partner, Lukasz and Ania left, the second wave of family arrived. We spent two weeks exploring Hong Kong and Macau with Leoni, Jason and Jeremy.


In June we learnt sea kayaking in Stanley and..

Went back to Thailand for a long weekend.

to relax

And eat! Had our fill of delicious Thai food.


Enjoyed hot weather. Practiced sea kayaking skills, relaxed on a junk boat trip and hiked.

At the height of summer in Hong Kong we started hiking the Lantau Trail.


Birthday trip with Husband to Japan. A fascinating country and I already cannot wait to go back. Loved every minute of our trip.

Joanna came to visit us in Hong Kong and we both took off for a girlie trip to Sri Lanka. Contrary to people’s prior assumptions there were no spa treatments and cocktails every day. Very active sightseeing!


Exciting and exhausting month. We had planned to spend this month in Hong Kong and head to Nepal in October, only to end up in Europe for two big wedding celebrations. What a month!

First stop: London

With Maomao.

Had the honour of serving as a witness during Maomao and Fred’s wedding ceremony. Beautiful. I managed not to cry (still very proud of that fact).

Doing the tourist thing with Husband in London.

Ate lots of Laduree macaroons.

For the second year in a row, met up with Ilona in London (she came over from Germany). We managed to spend a lovely day gossiping and catching up after a year.

Second stop: Munich, Germany. Capital of White Sausage.

Privileged to be guests at Ruth and Patrick’s wedding celebrations. Great weekend. Spent a wonderful time in Munich countryside with the married couple and their families and:

Went to Octoberfest!

To be eaten with a beer.

Ruth, Patrick and their lovely family.


While Husband headed back to Hong Kong I flew to Poland – the last stop on my European tour.


Spent quality time with my Mum and brother.

Over-indulged in Polish food. Every single day.

Had the pleasure of witnessing my brother’s proposal to his girlfriend (She said ‘yes’!).

Squeezed in a quick visit to Krakow to see Dorota.

After all the excitement in Europe I came back to Hong Kong where we continued with the Lantau Trail.


Another long weekend in Thailand at the start of the month. What can I say? We’ve discovered a very relaxing destination which is easy to get to from Hong Kong.

Watched the 59th Grand Prix Macau from the same tight corner as last year next to the Lisboa Casino.

Headed to Bangkok with Ruth and Patrick (and their great cameras).

Ate as much as we could.

Petted 3 month old tigers in Chiang Mai.

Admired the beauty and grace of Thai women.

And marveled at the amazing sky full of hundreds and hundreds of lanterns during Loy Krathong.


We had plans (and tickets) to spend Christmas and New Years Eve in the Philippines but it did not work out. Instead we stayed in Hong Kong and enjoyed the company of Maomao and his parents and rested after several months of traveling.

Maomao in HK. It was not easy to make him pose!

And we spent Christmas Eve like last year: hot pot dinner with Maomao and his parents except in this time in Hong Kong!

Finished 2012 in Tai Hang. Traditionally without any big celebration. A very simple and pleasant evening of dinner and drinks with friends.

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