Mt Bromo

After an uneventful sunrise from Mt Penanjakan we drove to Mt Bromo. Mt Bromo (2,329m) is one of the 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia and last erupted in January 2011. It is protected nature reserve since 1919.

Our car was parked near the base of the volcano (along with dozens of other copies of the same Toyota 4WD model) in the middle of the vast grey ‘Sea of Sands’.

All around are food stands, locals selling bunches of flowers to be used as offerings (which are to be thrown in the caldera of the volcano) and many men and children offering horse rides to the the stairs that climb the crater.

It felt surreal to walk the flat land toward the Mt Bromo. Amazing, raw scenery and cold, strong wind. Due to heavy rain the previous night, the entire area was still wet and dust free. No ash on our shoes, socks or clothes. There was no need for the face masks we’d brought.

On the way to Mt Bromo.

Low hanging clouds still blanketed the peaks – the same cloud layer we were enveloped by as we stood waiting for sunrise.

Breakfast time.

Dark gray, wet volcanic ash.

Only 250 steps up to reach the edge of the crater. Steep and covered in ash.

Pura Luhur Poten Hindu Temple in the middle of the ‘Sea of Sands’.

At the edge of the volcano. You have to be extra careful as the small bit of guard rail that exists is falling apart and there is limited space on the crater edge. Three Indonesian guys from Jakarta posed on the edge with their bicycles. They had cycled all the way from the capital and hired locals to carry their bikes up.

Spectacular gray landscape.

Looking down into an ACTIVE volcano.

Sea of ashes.

Mt Batok.

Happy and satisfied with our morning inspite of the clouds. I would love to go back when the weather is better. Perhaps next time not during rainy season. That said, we were told that the previous morning was absolutely perfect.

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