Morning trek through rice paddies

Rice fields surround Ubud. Next to busy roads, all around our hotel and in the back of most of the cafes and restaurants were acres and acres of green.

We spent one morning on an easy trek through some of them, a little drive away from Ubud with a guide. We were told that these were more authentic, natural and less touristy compared to the ones in town. And he was right, just fresh air, beautiful scenery, very friendly locals working in the fields and no tourists.

Rice cultivation takes place all year round as the climate does not vary as much between seasons. A crop takes 3-4 months from planting to harvesting and during our trek we saw rice fields in different stages of growth.

Instead of coffee, view of the day:sprawling rice paddies.

Just after 7am and we were not alone. Locals start working on the fields just after dawn to be able leave before gets too sunny and too hot.

Traditionally, rice planting is carried out by men in Bali. Always barefoot (footware tends to get stuck in the mud) and almost naked as it is the most comfortable way to work.

Neatly planted by hand, a foot apart.

Path separating the fields.

Harvesting is done mostly by women. In Bali, people still make their living from farming rice.

Carrying breakfast for people working in the fields.

Harvesting rice.

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