Delectable food

Indonesian and Western food is widely available in Ubud and made from the best quality fresh ingredients. There’s a surprisingly wide range of healthy and vegetarian food to choose from – probably all thanks to the yogis and health enthusiasts living there! We seriously did not have a single bad meal in Ubud. There was so much good food that we wished that we had the time to eat our way through the menus of several restaurants.

Rujak Salad – mango, pineapple, apple, cucumber and salak (snake fruit) served with crushed peanuts, mint and chill, tamarind dressing.

Sup Ares & Sayor Jepang – traditional Balinese vegetable soup with stems of banana tree and vegetable pear.

Chicken satay with Sayer Urap (french long beans, bean sprouts and grated fresh coconut).

Husband ready for his breakfast.

Sup Bakso – minced chicken balls with garlic and ginger with chicken broth, served with rice vermicelli, vegetables and Balinese spices.

Perfect sweet breakfast or a desert option: Bubur Injin – black rice pudding topped with caramelised bananas, coconut cream and palm sugar.

Pisang Goreng – Balinese battered crispy fried sliced bananas, palm sugar syrup and coconut ice cream.

Not in Bali, but I have to mention Nasi Pecel, a traditional Javanese meal of fresh vegetables (long beans, bean sprouts and kale) served with peanut sauce, white rice and rice flour crackers. Not an ordinary peanut sauce. Pecel peanut sauce has a spicy kick! Made of peanuts, ginger, garlic chilli, tamarind and coconut sugar. All together: sweet, savour, spicy and delicious. Served with ‘teh manis’ (hot, sweet tea) the drink of choice of locals during mealtimes.

Another dish worth mentioning was a creamy spicy banana soup (banana puree, coconut cream, nuts and Balinese chili). A steal at 20.000IDR for a big bowl of this delicious liquid.

As every other tourist we also tried: Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig), Urutan (spicy Balinese pork sausage) and Bebek Bengail (whole smoked duck, cooked the traditional way with spices and wrapped in Betel nut leaves).

Not very Indonesian, but utterly delicious and one of my favourite salads when it was too hot: watermelon & feta salad. I had a great one in Ubud that was different from the one I usually make myself. This one had a big array of ingredients: roquette leaves, feta, watermelon, mint, grated apple, red chill and walnuts and was served with a white balsamic and greased oil dressing …all written down so that I can make it back in HK.

Ah and I should mention the really nice alcohol: Brem rice wine. Traditionally fermented alcohol made from glutinous rice. Only from 5% to 14% alcohol content and sweet with a distinctive aroma. We tried it served with soda (Brem Jorok) and with arak (Brem Arak), but found it perfect over a large cubes of ice. I wonder if we can buy it in HK.

Enjoyed every dish and beverage from the following establishments: Kafe, Biah Biah, Atman Cafe and Rai Pasti Warung.

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