A visit from an old friend

Bartek and me.

We have known each other for just over 30 years – almost a lifetime. Sometimes we do not see each other for a year or two, but we always talk and stay in touch. Last month Bartek came to visit us and we spent nine rainy days around Hong Kong, Macao and Guangzhou together.

Bartek is an archeologist who loves not only his specialisation but history in general. He has an almost encyclopedic breadth of knowledge. I think we visited every single museum within 100 miles of our apartment! I am completely ‘museumed out’ right now..

Apart from that we walked in what seemed like constant rain for miles, took photos of everyday grey skies, tried different cuisine and talked and talked and talked. We had a lot to catch up on. Thirty years is a long time. We shared childhood memories, our past, each other’s families and caught up on the same friends and acquaintances. It was great to hear about his life in Paris, plans for future and dreams.

Until next time.

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