Green Power Hike? Really?!

One recent Friday evening, I caught Husband completely unaware… Let’s be honest, he had had one too many Long Island Ice Tea’s when I asked: Shall we do the Green Power Hike together? He said yes! Blessed influence of alcohol.

I had been thinking about taking part in the Green Power Hike for awhile. Next year will be the 20th time it will be taking place along the Hong Kong Trail. Last year over 3000 people signed up to the hike which raises money for environmental education in HK and donations came to more than 5000,000HKD.

There are three options for taking part: 50km, 25km or 10km. Husband agreed to 25km and before he changed his mind, we scheduled a trial run to make sure we’re actually able to complete it.

We started at Tai Tam Country Park at 8am the following weekend, just down the road from Park View at the start of Stage 5 of the Hong Kong Trail. There are lots and lots of steps at the beginning that take you up to Jardine’s Lookout. It was a bit hazy and not too bright. Pleasant weather for a hike. We enjoyed the walk up to Mount Butler and back down into Tai Tam Country Park but not the next part: 6.5km along a storm drain.

After that, the long awaited and many a time hiked, Dragon’s Back. There were lots of people out hiking that day, all of which looked relaxed and rested. We were sweaty and already tired and had to pay more attention to the rocks and tree roots along the path as our feet started dragging a bit.

Finally, we finished at Big Wave Bay, 5hrs12min after setting off. Not bad for our first try. We spent almost the entire time chatting, sat down a couple of times to enjoy the views (and rest a bit!) and we had tried to pace ourselves and not rush.

Last year the Eurosport Dudes finished 50km in 4hrs12min.. Fastest time for 25km was team CORES in 2hrs02min. We’re planning another trial run this coming Sunday, but won’t be aiming at anything close to the winning time.

Now the question is: how many more times can we practice the route before the 25th of January?

Just after the climb to Jardine’s Lookout.

Hiking buddy.

Tai Tam Reservoir.

Husband stretching during a long and very boring walk by the water catchment.

Seemed like those 6.5km would never end.

Tired and sweaty, but happy to be off the boring part and on the Dragon’s Back.

Dragon’s Back.

Great views of Shek O village and beach.

Finished! Finally at the marker 100.

Well deserved beer for Husband at the Shek O Chinese & Thai Restaurant.

And food! What kept us going for the last 5km or so? The thought of eating spicy fried squid!

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