Peking Duck at Da Dong

Arrive after lunch and the restaurant is almost empty.

What should you do as soon as your land in Beijing? Head to one of the most famous Peking Duck restaurants in the whole of China! I have been thinking of Peking duck from the moment I purchased tickets to Beijing. We usually head over to the more traditional places like Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, but this time we decided to go to Da Dong as Husband hadn’t been there before. Da Dong serves the best Peking duck in the city.

It felt a bit unusual for a restaurant serving Peking Duck with its modern and stylish decor, perfect lighting, beautifully set table and it is all swanky, completely different to Qianmen Quanjude.

The menu is a 160-page photo album. A single photo of each dish is mouth-wateringly presented on a single A3-sized glossy page. With a few exceptions (I am not fond of duck tongue) I would love to have a chance to try everything Da Dong has to offer. We couldn’t order too much as we had dinner plans, but what we did order we really enjoyed.

Fancy condiments for Peking Duck. Traditional scallions, cucumbers and plum sauce plus: baby ginger, melon slices, garlic puree, pickled vegetables and sugar (very important! for dipping crispy skin.. absolutely delicious).

Chef meticulously and masterfully slicing ‘Super lean’ roast duck in front of us.

Peking duck perfection.

Happy with duck in front of us. Much lighter and crisper compared to other places.

Duck liver.

Deboned chicken feet – not something I find tasty, but boys seemed to like it.

Duck bone soup.

Masterful food presentation – loved the flowers.

Apart from traditional Mandarin pancakes, Da Dong serves toasted sesame buns.

Almost ready. Just needs to be rolled up and devoured!

Chef Dong’s Black Peppery Beef – Beef cutlets soaked with the aroma and peppery taste of black bean paste. I could easily get addicted to this succulent meat. Best meat I’ve had in a long time.

Da Dong easily made it onto our must-visit list for every future visit to Beijing.

Good news for those of you who are not planning a trip to Beijing anytime soon, but will be in HK during third week of October (24th-31st): Da Dong’s team of chefs will be at Mah Wah Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental.

Da Dong Roast Duck (Nanxincang Branch)
1-2F, Nanxincang International Plaza
22A Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District
Beijing 100007, China

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