Into Yoga


I started attending yoga classes in the beginning of the year. A friend of my was raving about the positive changes it was making to her body and I decided to give it a go as well. Plus I liked the idea of morning coffee after class with her.

I started with one or two classes a week and progressed steadily until yoga became part of my HK routine. On a good week (which happens most of the time) I do yoga four times. Months ago I started planning my schedule around my favourite yoga classes.

The best time for my classes is 7am! I love starting my day with yoga. Getting up at 6:20am, however I’m still getting used to it.

Wherever we’re away from Hong Kong, I check if there is any possibility of morning yoga near to where we’re staying and so far I’ve had classes in Bali, Phuket and Gili Air. It’s nice to be able to drop in, see a different style / stay fit during our lazy breaks.

Does it help with losing weight? No way. Especially not considering my intake of chocolate! But I feel more toned, my muscles are more defined and I am stronger in general. Yoga gives me energy and as weird as it sounds to my ears, yoga makes me happy. It makes me feel awesome. I have a better sense of my body.. if that makes any sense.

I still cannot get my chest to touch my straightened legs while sitting down. During the class I often ask myself: am I just not built that way? Certain posses seem impossible for me. On the other hand, postures which I take for granted now I couldn’t do at the beginning of the year. Improvements are very, very gradual. Every millimetre makes me ecstatic! Right now I cannot fold myself into a pretzel but in a year (or five), who knows?

Occasionally, despite the number of classes I’ve taken, I am still disappointed by my body. It doesn’t have the right amount of flexibility. Sometimes I get the impression that I am a master of imperfect postures. Very often I end up laughing when I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I am always told not to compare myself to others but it is bloody impossible! Especially when I am in the room with tiny, pretty, perfectly toned and incredibly flexible oriental women. I keep repeating my mantra: Yoga is not a competition.

I did manage to hurt my back a couple of times this year. It was painful to say the least. It was my own fault, I pushed myself too far. That is one of the reasons why at home I only do the simplest of poses and very rarely. Like a kid, I need supervision.

There are many different styles and classes of yoga but this year I mostly practiced Hatha and Vinyasa. I tried Ashtanga but it is still too fast paced for me.

For now yoga is merely about getting more flexible and leaving the class happy, but more and more I am tempted to start researching the philosophy behind yoga. Every night I fall asleep in Savasana pose.

Is there a bad side effect of yoga?

YES! Lululemon ..I must admit it I am a sucker for Lululemon. It didn’t start that way. I was using whatever I had in my wardrobe (old nike leggings or other sporty trousers) but as I was going several times a week (plus tennis and hiking) I needed more clothes. I briefly researched online and decided to give Lululemon a go.. (yes, right down the rabbit hole). Right now I feel like I am one of their most loyal customers ..unfortunately. Why? Because their prices are high. A pair of leggings costs around 100USD and I pay. I just love how durable and well fitted they are. For someone who hates shopping as much as I do, it is great to just trust their sizes. Now I know what sizes fit me, I just walk in and grab whatever I ‘need’ without having to try it on in the shop. It always fits. For now, I’m sticking to (way too many) pants, leggings and bottoms in general. Recently, I was proudly telling my Husband that I only have two of their tops and one hoodie. I won’t repeat what he replied.. So, yes there is a bad side-effect of yoga as I didn’t plan on spending so much money on yoga wear.

Looking forward to seeing what new yoga will bring me in 2014. I am not on the path to achieve enlightenment or self-discovery, but you never know.

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