Island delivery

Every day we watched how everything got delivered to the island. And by everything I mean everything, food, fruit, laundry and even fresh water. Our favourite bar had twice daily deliveries from one of their own boats which pulled up on the beach right in front of us – which explained why everything we ordered was always fresh. Deliveries looked easy when the water was calm. During a storm, not so much.

One of the newly built places a couple of hundred meters down the beach from us had a generator delivered. It was interesting to see how such a simple task everywhere else was very difficult for people on the island. There are no cars and definitely no heavy lifting machinery so to get the generator off the boat and across the beach they had to use muscle power.

ImageTransported from Lombok and tightly tied down by many lines.



At one point even the tourists jumped in to help. Despite the obviously hard work, everyone was smiling and there was a great atmosphere and teamwork.


It took the guys about 2-3hrs to get the generator unloaded and off the beach.

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