Hot air balloons over Bagan

As soon as I saw the balloons rise up into the sky over Bagan I knew it:

Next year, I will drag my Husband to Bagan for a balloon ride. It looked so magical and romantic that I teared up. This kind of once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure is reserved for my other half, so Bartek and I just admired the view while eating breakfast. It was incredible.

Depending on the weather, almost every sunrise in Bagan has hot air balloons floating majestically across the sky.

There are two companies in Bagan that organise balloon trips: Balloons over Bagan, famous for it’s safety standards and very experienced pilots. And the lesser known, as it only started late last year, Oriental Ballooning. The lowest price is 320USD per person for a 45minute flight. There is the option of splashing out 380USD for the premier service: Fly in one of the smallest balloons (less crowded, more intimate) with champagne and breakfast.

You have to book early as the flights fill up quickly (despite the high price). Some of the balloon passengers I talked to were very impressed by the standard of safely and how the pilots handled their balloons.

Travellers have said that this was the highlight of their Myanmar trip.

BaganBalloonFive story high balloons. No scheduled route or landing place. It all depends on the wind.

BalloonsBaganThe view of hundreds of temples below you must be stunning.

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