Burmese Salads

I love salads, but never to the point of addiction as I experienced in Burma. There is so many foods to try: curries, noodles, different types of tofu, deserts. However, after the first few days, I preferred to have salad with every meal and more often than not instead of anything else, just with a bowl of rice. Whatever salad was on the menu, I ordered it. I didn’t get tired of them during my travels.

Burmese salad - tomato

My favourite: Yum Makruatad Keow – spectacular tomato salad. I had variations of this salad all around Myanmar. Always with plenty of shallots, coriander, toasted peanuts, fried garlic, garlic-infused oil and chilli flakes. 

DSC09648Green tomato salad, famous in Shan state. With green chillies.

Burmese salad - lemonLemon salad – another great salad. Spicy and sour. Always finely chopped with shallots and peanut oil and made just before serving.

Burmese salad - avocado At one restaurant I ordered off the menu ‘Avocado’ and that’s how it was served. One avocado, a few slices of tomatoes, shallots and coriander and spices. Delicious and I have been copying it ever since.

And if you are as lucky as I was, you get to take care of the cutest kid throughout your entire meal. The restaurant owner was happy to leave her in my care. Total overdose of cuteness.

 There are many other salads I had a chance to try while in Myanmar including the most famous: pickled tea leaf salad (Lahpet Thoke) which is a national favourite. It’s an acquired taste. I am not a fan but if you are in Burma you have to try it.







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