Today I am loving: Tokyo on Foot

Months ago we were killing time at Denpasar airport and found a surprisingly well stocked tiny bookshop. This is where we stumbled upon a book which we had to buy: ‘Tokyo on Foot’ by the very talented Florent Chavouet. This is one of the coolest books I have seen in awhile.

Florent Chavouet spent six months exploring different neighbourhoods in Tokyo, drawing what he thought was interesting or different and recording his adventures and observations. He was obviously not bored in Tokyo. The book has over two hundred pages full of beautiful coloured pencil drawings. Some pages have ‘glued in’ tickets or cutouts. From the descriptions of his adventures in Tokyo he gives just enough of a personal touch that made me feel like I was flicking through a friend’s sketch-book.

The book includes maps of several districts of Tokyo which are full of quaint details.

I love how his drawings make me feel that I have Tokyo at my fingertips. I was just flicking through it (again) last night and released how much I miss traveling in Japan. This book again awakened a desire to head back to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The book is so well written (drawn?) that we bought a couple of extra copies from Amazon and sent them to Husband’s brothers. They love the book too.

I used to love buying Moleskin notebooks, imagining that my travel diaries/scratch-books would look similar… Nope. They didn’t. Not only can I not draw, but even my handwriting is not pretty. I had to stick to glueing stuff in. I can only admire the talented Florent Chavouet. I hope he will go traveling and draw again.

Tokyo on Foot

Tokyo on FootEast Shinjuku map.

Tokyo on FootI particularly like his drawings of Japanese ‘types’. He has a very keen eye and a great sense of humour.

Tokyo on FootPart of West Shinjuku map. ‘This is where I was attacked by a cicada’ – I laugh out loud every time I see it.

Tokyo on Foot

Tokyo on Foot

Tokyo on FootHow cute is that?

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