The Blue Mosque – Sultan Ahmed Mosque

We couldn’t miss it. The Blue Mosque dominates the city skyline. We saw it from almost everywhere we went. There are many rooftop restaurants and bars across the city with views of the Blue Mosque.

The Seven Hills Restaurant is perfectly positioned with great views of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the sea. We spent a relaxing afternoon sat there sipping Turkish Apple tea and admiring the two very impressive buildings.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built over 400 years ago. It has one enormous main dome, six minarets and eight smaller domes and is a perfect example of classic Ottoman architecture. There are over 260 stained glass windows and many beautiful chandeliers supplying light inside. 20,000 handmade ceramic Iznik tiles in traditional Ottoman patterns decorate the walls and the floor is covered with a crimson coloured carpet that was donated by worshipers.

We visited on a very busy, very hot day in June. There were hundreds and hundreds of tourists. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long. Not only because of how crowded it was but also due to the smell of feet. It was overwhelming.

The Blue MosqueThe Blue Mosque from Seven Hills Restaurant.

The Blue MosqueWadu ablution before prayer. Ritual of washing of the face, mouth, arms (up to the elbow) hands, ears, hairs (wiping) and feet in preparation before praying.

The Blue MosqueCourtyard of the Blue Mosque and one of the six minarets.

The Blue MosqueCrowded with tourists. As it is an active mosque, everyone has to remove their shoes, men have to cover their knees and women have to cover their heads, legs and shoulders (security guards checked visitors were dressed appropriately).

The Blue MosqueMarvellous ceiling.

The Blue MosqueOne of the four giant pillars (the Elephant’s Feet) which support the half-domes. The Blue Mosque can accommodate 10000 worshipers.

The Blue Mosque

The Blue MosqueAt night.

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