Out and about in Krakow

After leaving Zakopane, the plan was to spend three days in Krakow in order to show the city to Maomao and Fred.

At the last moment they had to change tickets and head back to London. We had already rented a beautiful apartment for six and decided to just go ahead and spend our time chilling out there. Lukasz and Ania joined us for the first couple of days, and then my Mum came.

Krakow is only 100km away from Zakopane. It’s where most of my family lives and Bartek too!

We knew we wouldn’t be bored. As well as it’s beautiful historic centre, Krakow also has Kazimierz (the old Jewish quarter). With it’s cobblestone streets the sheer number of great bars, cafe’s and restaurants is simply mind-blowing.

We spent our time in Stare Miasto (Old Town), especially Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square) where there are many beer gardens perfect for people watching while chatting.

KrakowSzewska Street.KrakowMain Market Square.

KrakowSt. Mary’s Basilica

KrakowThe rooftop cafe of Sukiennice (The Cloth Hall). There is an entrance fee of 2zl per person which is very surprising considering the price of drinks. And no, it doesn’t get reimbursed when you pay the bill. Of course it didn’t stop us from going there a few times for the view.


KrakowPaintings for sale next to Brama Florianska (St. Florian’s Gate).

KrakowFlorianska Street.



Krakowand Ania.

KrakowJan Matejko statue in the Planty Park.

KrakowPreviously in Hong Kong and Burma and now Poland! We met Bartek at a bar in Kazimierz where every table was an antique Singer sewing machine. I wonder when and where we’ll see each other next…


KrakowWall decoration in our stunning rented apartment. A fantastic location.

KrakowSukiennice – The Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square.


KrakowSukiennice – The Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square.


KrakowKladka Bernatka – the bridge connecting Kazimierz and Podgorze.

There is so much to see and do in Krakow. There is Wawel Royal Castle with it’s beautiful architecture and history, beautiful walks by the Wisla River, Oskar Schindler’s Factory and Museum, Wieliczka Salt Mine just outside the city and Auschwitz – this was actually our original plan before Maomao and Fred left us. Definitively a must while in Poland but without the boys we didn’t do any of it as we had seen it all before on previous visits.

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