Where to eat in Krakow?

Everywhere. Seriously.

When we go to Poland we are obviously obsessed with eating Polish food (it’s hard to get in Hong Kong).

Krakow has a huge choice of restaurants and probably every cuisine in the world (Mongolian, Jewish, Hungarian or Uzbek food anyone?). There are so many places to eat, you’re a bit spoilt for choice.

There were two places in the Old Town which we went back to a few times and which we liked a lot.

We stumbled upon Pierograrnia Krakowiacy – traditional Polish dumplings and Old Polish Vodka’ at 23 Szewska Street (5minutes away from Sukienniece) by accident.

We liked the decor and decided that we could manage a portion of pierogi as a snack and ‘just to try’. Delicious pierogi! We went back a couple of times. Even my Mum who makes great dumplings was very impressed. We tried Ruskie (cottage cheese, potato, onion and generous portion of garlic), Miesne (with meat) and for dessert: half a portion with strawberries and another with forest blueberries.

A plate of 10 dumplings cost 12PLN (4USD). You can have them baked, boiled or fried. Oh.. despite all the talk of vodka on their sign they didn’t have any! No worries, as exactly opposite was ‘Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa’ where it’s possible to drink vodka and beer 24hrs a day!!! We stayed there for a couple of shots of cherry vodka before heading over the road for dumplings.

Food in Krakow

Food in Krakow

Food in KrakowPierogi Ruskie – Russian dumplings with fried onions.

Food in KrakowKefir (sour milk) with cucumber and dill.

Food in KrakowDumplings with strawberries and forest blueberries with sour cream and powdered sugar. Husband mocked them until he tried them. Great desert.

Food in KrakowAlmost all gone. It was a tough to decide who should get the last pieces.

U Babci Maliny where they serve ‘grandma’s style cooking’ in quaint, traditional Polish pre-war era decor.

We had beetroot, tomato and sour bread soup, grilled sausages with fried onions, golabki (cabbage stuffed with rice and meat) and potato pancakes. The portions are big and filling and as authentic as you can get from a restaurant. Great value for money.

You can find them online at www.kuchniaubabcimaliny.pl (make sure your speakers are off) and they have two locations in Krakow. My brother swears by the one at 38 Szpitalna Street (once his food was too salty at the other one on 17 Slawkowska Street).

Food in Krakow

Food in KrakowLocal Krakowians eat here too.

Food in KrakowSelf-serivce. Downstairs from the entrance there’s a proper restaurant with higher prices, an extended menu, table cloths, piano music and a more ‘city apartment from years and years ago’ feeling. We preferred upstairs for quick meals but downstairs for proper dinners.

Food in KrakowPotato pancakes with rich beef goulash. Mouthwatering. No other pictures of food. I was too slow to take them or too busy eating.

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