Jim Thompson Outlet in Bangkok

You can easily fall in love with silk from Jim Thompson after visiting his famous house and the big shop right next to it.

We bought a few small items during our first visit. Then we started noticing their shops at the airport and in shopping malls around Bangkok and would always just ‘pop in’ to see if there was anything we liked which started getting expensive. My friend Maomao advised me to check out their factory outlet store. Only 35min by Skytrain (BTS) from where we usually stay, very easy to find and definitely worth the visit.

I have been there a few times since.

Like most brand outlet stores, many of the designs are from previous collections and the prices are much, much lower. As long as you’re fine with not being able to find the latest patterns, there is a huge range of things to choose from.

As much as I like to admire their silk and their products I am not a big fan of patterned fabric. Some are beautiful, some very cute, but given the choice I almost always go for solid colours. I bought a few sets of silk dining placemats and bits’n’pieces for my girlfriends and family (summery handbags, compact mirrors, cosmetic pouches etc).

Last time I was there my friend Ruth did her entire Christmas shopping list. She was very happy with her purchases. For Jim Thompson enthusiasts and fabric lovers their outlet is a great alternative to paying full price at their retail stores.

Jim Thompson Outlet

Jim Thompson OutletYou’ll spend less time waiting for the lift if you start by taking it straight to the 5th floor and then take the stairs down.

Jim Thompson Outlet in Bangkok5th floor: pillowcases (lots of different sizes, patterns and colours), placemats, picture frames, coasters, tissues holders, napkins, household accessories (kitchen aprons, oven mitts), bed linen and rugs.Jim Thompson Outlet in BangkokSilk placemats.

Jim Thompson Outlet in BangkokWho doesn’t like a discounted prices on quality products?

Jim Thompson Outlet in Bangkok

Jim Thompson Outlet in Bangkok4th floor: silk shawls, t-shirts (from 350THB), ties (from 600THB), scarves, accessories, handbags (from 950THB) and clothes (for kids too).

Jim Thompson OutletCompact mirrors. Pretty patterns and vibrant colours.

Jim Thompson Outlet in BangkokCosmetic pouches.Jim Thompson Outlet in BangkokStuffed toys.

Jim Thompson Outlet in BangkokBolts of silk fabrics on the 3rd floor. Prices started at 450THB per meter for the cheapest and up to 1500THB for the best quality. You can ask for small take away samples of ones you like (free). The choice is overwhelming.

How to get there?

Only 5mins walk from Bang Chak BTS stop. Take exit 5 and walk down the street, the third road is Sukhumivit 93. Number 153 is on the left side of the road and almost at the end. It’s the only modern looking building on the entire street and there’s a huge sign out front. Hard to miss.

BTS: Bang Chak (E10)

153 Sukhumvit 93, Bang Chak

Hours: 09:00 18:00 (7 days a week)

If you have any problems finding the place ask anyone around Bang Chak. The people are very helpful and it seemed that the only reason tourists get off at this station is for the Jim Thompson outlet store.

If you spend more than 2000THB fill out a form for VAT refund on the ground floor. Only on the day of purchase.

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