Hiking MacLehose Trail – Stage 2

Last weekend, despite the very hot weather we decided to continue with the MacLehose trail. This time we started earlier (around 8am) from High Island Reservoir and then to Long Ke beach when we stopped last time.

This weekend Long Ke was busy with many people that had been camping overnight.

As we passed, many people were already on the beach or preparing breakfast around the tents.

We started climbing the concrete steps up and up. There was no shade apart from a couple of pavilions and the sun was blasting. It wasn’t easy… Imagine my surprise when we finally reached the top of Sai Wan Shan where a sign proudly stated that we had reached 314meters. Yes, summers in HK can be tough for hiking. As soon as we got to Sai Wan village we stayed for a drink in one of the several restaurants and then continued along the coast to splendid views of Tai Long Wan’s beaches (and more steps). After we passed Ham Tin village and it’s pretty beach we followed a concrete path for 8km. The sun was still blasting so shaded areas were very much appreciated by us as well as the numerous feral cows as well.

There are several long steep climbs with lots of steps during this hike. It was hot and sunny and we sweated buckets. By the end of our walk at Pak Tam Au we had almost finished 3L of water each. Our water packs only had a few sips of water left! We admired parts of Sai Kung East Country Park with its peninsulas, peaks and beautiful beaches. It is a beautiful hike with stunning scenery. I loved the views.

The trail was surprisingly busy with groups of VERY fit people preparing for November’s Trailwalker. We chatted with one group of friendly guys that were training hard in order to shave off an hour from their time last year of 25 hours. It seemed unbelievable that so many people (we are talking thousands) are able to do 100km in under 48hours. The record for the 100km race from 2013 was 10hours and 58minutes for Team Columbia S1. Beyond impressive.

Great day out.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-8Turquoise water again. The dark patches are shadows of clouds.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-4

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2Mornings are the worst for spiders. Husband spent most of the time (until we got overtaken again and again by fitter groups) walking in front with a long stick to fight off spiders which had built webs across the path at head height.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-2Catching up with Husband.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-9 Sai Wan Shan beach.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-7Tai Long Wan – ‘Big Wave Bay’

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-10Lots of stray cattle around Sai Kung.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-11

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-5With Husband.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-13Trail cut into the side of the mountain.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-16Long walk on the shaded path.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-6

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-12

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-15Left hand print on the long concrete path.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-14

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-17

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-18Bradbury Hall Youth Hostel. It would be interesting to stay. I like the location and it’s tranquil setting.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-19One of the abandoned houses in 200 year old, Hakka village – Chek Keng.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 2-20A peek inside one of the properties.

Stage 2 Long Ke –> Pak Tam Au 14.5km

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