Blue eyed girl

Blue eyed girlLike Sapphires.

We had been on the shores of the Ganges since 5am. It was a busy morning, pilgrims chanting, praying, bathing and washing their clothes and tourists on boats watching life unfold from a distance. A few of us were taking photos and interacting with the locals.

It was just before 8am and already very hot and sunny. We were slowly heading back to hotel. Tired, overheated and hungry, I was only thinking of another coffee and ice cold water when Maciej called me back and said ‘You have to see this girl. Look at her eyes…’

We headed back about 20 meters and he pointed at the family sat on the wooden platform under a big umbrella – parents with three kids. I looked closely at the girls trying to see what Maciej saw. When one of the girls looked back at me, I was speechless – her eyes were simply stunning.

When I asked girl’s parents if I could take photos they were very gracious and just let me. The the light was very harsh and basically everywhere. I tried taking photos from each side, hiding under the family’s umbrella. After a couple of minutes I took photos of their other kids as well. Cute girls with brown eyes. I didn’t want to make them feel left out. They were clearly very excited and despite the fact that they were shy I could see that they wanted to have their photos taken too.

The parents looked proudly at the girls and got other people to notice how interested I was in taking photos of them.

After showing them the photos I had taken (it was hard to see anything on the display – too bright) and saying our goodbyes, I watched them leave and wished I could have followed them to one of the many narrow lanes of Varanasi where there would be plenty of shade.

The photos are not great but the girl is clearly amazing.

Blue eyed girlHow incredible are her eyes?

Blue eyed girlI was captivated.

Blue eyed girlWith younger sister.

Blue eyed girlGossiping with her older sister.. probably about the weird tourist (me!) taking photos of them.

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