Finding magic in Ubud

It was my second time in Ubud and I found it magical. Busy and very touristy, Ubud is a truly unique place with a fascinating and rich culture, never-ending smiles of friendly and kind Balinese people, surrounding rice fields, temples, traditions, full of artists and artistic flavours everywhere, beautiful architecture, amazing food and coffee.

Daily yoga and meditation seemed to put a spell on me and while taking in Ubud’s relaxing atmosphere, thinking about and reflecting on life. I focused deeply on myself and simply enjoyed being there. I am not the first to do it while in Ubud.

Ubud is one of those places where you will never really feel lonely. There are so many travellers, expats and tourists around all the time and everyone I met were very welcoming. It is enough to sit down in a cafe, share a smile or two and end up making friends for the rest of your stay.

Ubud-8Beautiful courtyard gate.

Ubud-7Rice fields everywhere.





Ubud-4Only in Morocco were doors and gates as mesmerising. Handcrafted and full of intricate carving and colours.









Of course Ubud is nowhere close to perfect, with pot-holed pavements, horrendous traffic, tourists being asked hundreds of times a day ‘taxi? taxi? transport?’ but during my second visit there I realised that Ubud is one of the few places I could happily call ‘home’ one day. At least for a while.

There was only one thing missing during my time there: Husband.

And no, I am still not tempted to read or watch ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

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