Yoga in Ubud

Yoga in Ubud-3

In December I wrote about how ‘Into Yoga’ I am. It hasn’t changed, I still enjoy practicing regularly.

Recently I was considering taking some time off for myself and going on a yoga retreat (not the silent type…) and then Tasha ‘convinced’ me to come to Bali with her. We both agreed that while there, we would be doing yoga at least once a day. And we did.

Almost every person I encountered there, said that whenever they heard ‘Ubud’ they instantly thought ‘yoga’. Ubud is yoga central in Bali.

There are many places to practice. We chose the place, universally known as the Mecca of yoga for yoga lovers: the Yoga Barn. Just 5 minutes walk from our hotel, with a great cafe and tranquil scenery.

I didn’t enjoy my classes there last year but this time round I loved the morning yoga sessions! The atmosphere was completely different. Previously, it seemed like every other fitness studio chain. This time (maybe because it’s low season) the place was very relaxing and quiet.

90 minute classes allowed plenty of time for the physical part of yoga as well as the mental/spiritual side. I still think fondly and admire teachers I had the chance to meet (Gypsy and Levi). Everyday after a class I walked out fully energised and with a smile on my face and the desire to do it again.

There is an abundance of things to explore and learn about in Ubud: yoga, breathing, meditation, spiritual awaking, reiki, tarot and many more. Not all for me but perhaps one day I be able to spend more time to try some of these in Ubud.

I had the chance to watch a group of women on an actual yoga retreat. It was a perfect location. 10km outside of Ubud’s center, surrounded by rice fields, isolated and with a great space for practicing. However, I realised that yoga retreats are probably not for me. I overheard the very diverse group of women discussing their schedule and itinerary for the following week and knew straight away that I wouldn’t like to be a part of it. I like my freedom and wouldn’t want to follow a pre-defined schedule or be ‘forced’ to make friends in a large group of strangers. I liked our DIY yoga retreat where we chose our own classes and teachers, which times to practice and to do whatever I fancied for the rest of the time.

Ubud is perfect for it. The place is driven by an obsession (or love) for healthy living and has been taken over by people with similar mindset.

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