Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is known as The Blue City because the oldest district of Jodhpur has many buildings and walls painted in vivid indigo. When you look down on the city from Mehrangarh Fort, the mass of blue buildings in full sun makes for a stunning view. We were told several reasons for the blue walls: keeping up with tradition, to keep homes cooler in the hot sun (blue paint supposedly reflects more of the suns rays) and as termite repellent (termites are repelled by the copper salt compounds added to the lime wash). The houses first painted blue were owned by families of Lord Shiva (one of Hinduisms most revered gods) followers or (another theory) were members of families belonging to the higher Brahmin cast. It wasn’t as blue as I envisioned after seeing some (probably photoshopped) photos online while planning the trip. I expected the entire city to be blue, not only the old town. On other hand, I didn’t expect the blue to be so vivid!

Jodhpur - the Blue City

Jodhpur - the Blue City-17

Jodhpur - the Blue City-5

Jodhpur - the Blue City-8

Jodhpur - the Blue City-14

Jodhpur - the Blue City-11

Jodhpur - the Blue City-6

Jodhpur - the Blue City-13

Jodhpur - the Blue City-12

Jodhpur - the Blue City-10

Jodhpur - the Blue City

Jodhpur - the Blue City-3

Jodhpur - the Blue City-2

Jodhpur - the Blue City-4

Jodhpur - the Blue City-16

Jodhpur - the Blue City-15


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