Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-31Breathtaking.

We didn’t have time to go hiking or explore the Grand Canyon during our trip. We wanted to spend more time in California so, just to get a glimpse of it, we booked (well in advance) a Grand Canyon Sunset tour with Sundance Helicopters. It was the perfect excuse to take a peak at the iconic canyon as well as our first experience in a helicopter.

We were picked up from our hotel by a stretched limo (not as glamorous as it sounds) and taken to McCarran International Airport (10minutes from The Strip). I was fretting a bit after spending the first week of our holiday eating a lot and was worried that my weight would be put on public display – you have admit how much you weigh when booking to ensure we’re safely within the helicopter’s safety limits and they reserve the right to not let you on if you are too heavy. I was relived that the number wasn’t prominently displayed on the wall for all to see. Husband had a good time making laugh at me for the worrying about silly things. I was happy we weren’t too weighed down by all the light night snacks and deserts.

We chose the Grand Canyon Sunset Tour to be able to see the Grand Canyon and the lights of The Strip after dark. Our fellow passengers in the small helicopter were a two very happy newlyweds and the bride’s parents from Scotland. We were seated next to the pilot up front on the way out. Lucky us as views were truly spectacular.  Seeing it all from the sky felt unreal.

We flew over the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and all the way to the bottom where we enjoyed an hour there with time for ourselves to just take it all in, take photos, speechlessly stare at the colours of the surrounding rocks, drink champagne and ask the newlyweds a lot of questions about their wedding in Las Vegas.

All the time, while in the helicopter and in the canyon we just couldn’t contain our wide smiles. The entire experience was, as they say there, AWESOME!  Many times over the years, we convinced ourselves to do something or spend a lot of money on something because it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.. Tough luck.. I want to do it again! It was our first helicopter experience and I cannot wait to do it again. And, yes the front seat is the way to go.

Grand Canyon Helicopter TourSundance Helicopter.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-2Las Vegas Airport.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-3Lots of glass. Perfect visibility.

Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-4Loved the sky.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-6Getting closer to Lake Mead.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-7Pilot and Husband next to me.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-8Dashboard.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-9Gorgeous views.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-10Hoover Dam (constructed in 1935) marks the border between Arizona and Nevada.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-11Approaching magnificent Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-12With Husband.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-13Desert plant.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-3The Grand Canyon. My photos don’t show the beauty and colors of the rocks.

Grand Canyon Helicopter TourPretty in pink.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-15Sunset.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-2

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-17Black, blue & white.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-18Happy.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-19

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-20Posing.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-21

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-23Back in the air. The small white object is a boat being towed down the road.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-4Lake Mead.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-24Back in Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-25The Strip – always lit up.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-26The Stratosphere Tower.

Las Vegas-2

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-27Las Vegas Strip.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-28

Las Vegas-4

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-29

We booked a few months before our trip. $519 per person for the Sunset Tour is pricey, but comes with a limousine ride from your hotel and a champagne picnic (with pasta, sandwiches, fruit) at the base of the Grand Canyon.

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