Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas felt like the real Vegas. This is where it all started: legalized gambling, drinking and music. You can find the oldest casinos and hotels and old iconic neon signs still lit up. I loved the cool vibe of Downtown Las Vegas. The cool bars, funky shops, deserted parking lots, wide streets, huge street art and a seemingly different crowd of people.

We spent a few hours wondering empty hot streets, barely meeting anyone else walking. We looked into empty parking lots of closed down motels and shops. Passed numerous wedding chapels where each one looked less kitschier than the next and were we were surprised how many seemed to be busy hosting a wedding the moment we passed by.  This is the part of town where there are plenty of low rise buildings,  quiet streets with almost no traffic and plenty of adult shops. We spent the hottest part of the day hiding in the Downtown Container Park, slowly drinking our cocktails, eating strawberry ice cream and watching other people. Later we headed for an afternoon and evening on Fermont Street with a couple of hours break which we spent at the Neon Museum.

I found Downtown Las Vegas more fascinating than the Strip, with a cooler and slightly grungy vibe. Nostalgic and sleazy but just the way I liked it.

Downtown Las Vegas-3Famous sign welcoming visitors to Downtown Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas-20

Downtown Las Vegas-19Loved the wall facing this deserted parking lot.

Downtown Las Vegas-17Downtown Container Park

Downtown Las Vegas-18Great place to sit and chill out.

Downtown Las Vegas-16Scrap metal praying mantis outside the Container Park.

Downtown Las Vegas-15Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas-11Kiss Bail Bonds.

Downtown Las VegasLooking up at an art deco building.

Downtown Las VegasHydrant. Red.

Downtown Las Vegas-13Antiques – probably one of the coolest shops in Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas-5Wedding chapel.

Downtown Las Vegas-12Live. Nud E Dancers.

Downtown Las Vegas-10Adult Superstore.

Downtown Las Vegas-2Chapel of the Flowers.

Downtown Las Vegas-9

Downtown Las Vegas-8

Downtown Las Vegas-7Sweethearts Chapel.

Downtown Las Vegas-22otel. Elvis slept here.

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