Downtown Las Vegas: Fremont Street

Fremont Street is was were you could find all the old-fashioned and famous casinos and hotels: Golden Nugget, Four Queens and Golden Gate. Now, the entire street is transformed into what they call The Fremont Street Experience. The entire length of the pedestrian promenade (five blocks) is covered with a barrel-shaped roof with 12.5million LEDs, and filled with loud music. Hotels and casinos line both sides.  The evening we were on Fremont Street, there were four bands (I favoured Elvis, of course) playing at the same time on different parts of the street as hundreds of people walked up and down.  As in every tourist place there were people dressed in costumes, very flexible ladies dressed in barely anything, and many other racy characters willing to pose for a few photos in exchange for dollars (most popular: nuns with exposed breasts) . The racier they were, the more popular they were which allowed them to earn more, so it seemed. All kinds of craziness would stare right at you – you don’t have to go searching for it.  At one point it seemed that every other group of people was a hen or stag night out. The Strip is more stretched out and people are usually inside the casinos so it takes time to move from one place to another. Here, everything was just out there on the promenade which, for us, made a great show. It’s the perfect place for people watching.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont StreetSign on the floor.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-4Neon Cowboy riding a horse on Fremont Street – 40foot high, mounted on a 240foot pole.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-2Busy evening.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-5Heart Attack Grill. Over 350lbs? Eat free. A scale with a giant display sits out front encouraging customers. Waiters & waitresses dress up as doctors and nurses.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-7Vintage sing: Trader Bills – the souvenir shop doesn’t exist anymore, but sign remains.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-8

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-9

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-18Zip-lining down the length of The Fremont Street Experience. An 800-foot long ride at 30miles an hour.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-10

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-2Tourists.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-3Golden Nugget.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-4The Vegas Vic cowboy neon sign. 40-foot high and the unofficial sheriff of Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas-2Cowgirl Vickie. She was married to Vegas Vic across street in an official ceremony in 1994… Only in Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-11Elvis Presley still lives.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-14Dressed up girls tempting tourists to come inside.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-15Devour this monster in 15 minutes or less – and it is FREE.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-16 Iconic Four Queens.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street-17Fremont Hotel & Casino.

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