Hiking MacLehose Trail – Stage 9&10

This time it was supposed to be super easy to get to the beginning of section 9. It almost was.. Apart from the fact that after getting to the bus terminal at Tsuen Wan West we missed the bus by literally one minute. One! We headed back to the taxi rank. After three taxi drivers flat out refused to take us we went back to wait for the bus. Not a perfect start to the day.

Eventually, we got there. Once you get to the Country Park bus stop it is very easy to follow the signs for the Maclehose trail’s last 22km. It is an easy and not particularly pretty trail. Most of the time there are no views and you just follow the service road. But it was certainly not a boring day for us.

Just before midday, my friend got something very similar to food poisoning. Probably from one of the ‘healthy’ (and so trendy right now) juice drinks she had just a few minutes earlier. There were only two things we could do: head back or push on. We pushed on. Slowly, with lots of stops. Let me tell you being sick while hiking out there without the possibility of jumping into a cab when you’ve had enough, is not fun.

We continued walking, stopping every now and then as my friend tried to conserve and regain as much energy as possible. After awhile she felt better but I am still wondering how she managed to make it all the way to the end.

We met many bicycle riders on the Tai Lam Mountain Bike Trail and I must admit that it looked so much more atrractive than our walking! It’s a great bike trail. There were not many hikers on Friday afternoon. Several local people were mushroom hunting – a clear sign of autumn.

Those two last stages didn’t have the spectacular views  and beautiful hills we encountered on previous hikes. We were happy to walk in the shade but so many kilometers on a grey concrete road is not fun either. It is, to put it simply, boring. Towards the end of the 10th stage we could see Tuen Mun and saw a few people exercising along the Tuen Mun Fitness Trail.  If you don’t really NEED to, skip these parts and enjoy a much more interesting hike around Hong Kong. I wanted finish it to curb my annoying curiosity and now that it’s done I am planning on enjoying my favorite hikes once again. For certain I won’t be going back to those sections.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10Welcome to Yuen Long – on the left side of this sign section 9th starts.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-2Down the service road.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-3

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-4For a while it looked like it would rain.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-6My friend’s very patriotic hat.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-5Concrete road.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-8Signs of autumn.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-5Spotted.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-6Slow.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-10One of many cyclists on Tai Lam Mountain Bike Trail.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-11First steps of the day.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-12Just after marker 179 there was a small, newly built temple/shrine.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-7Following the electricity lines.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-8

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-15View of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-17No bicycles on this part of Stage 10.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10Cemented into the wall.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-18Long kilometers of unexciting scenery.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-10Last kilometer.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-20The end of the trail: mail boxes for houses scattered around the hill.

MacLehose Trail - Stage 9&10-21Jackie taking a photo of the 200th and last marker of MacLehose Trail.

Done. Finally. I am happy but when I think about the participants of the annual Oxfam Trail Walker who do it in max 48hrs (or 11 hours 56 minutes for the fastest team Team Columbia S1 – Nepal in 2014) I realise that I should stop whining with every post!

If you are really, really set on hiking the 9th & 10th stage please note that, during week days, bus 51 leaves at 20min past the hour (starting at 6am). During weekends it is easier as there are buses at 20, 35 and 50 minutes past the hour.

Stage 9 Route Twisk —> Tin Fu Tsai 6.3km
Stage 10 Tin Fu Tsai –> Tuen Mun 15.6km

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