An hour around Sham Shui Po

I don’t really spend enough time on the Kowloon side. Recently a friend of mine mentioned that she was heading to Sham Shui Po and impulsively I joined her. Sham Shui Po is THE place to head to if you are looking for fabrics, ribbons, beads, buttons, zippers, threads, leather or anything and everything you could think of for crafts.

There are so many shops ( some big, some small) that are stuffed to the brink from floor to ceiling with craft items. All the colours and patterns imaginable. My friend was looking for something very specific and I had time to just look around. The choice was simply overwhelming. I liked the old shops which haven’t been updated for years, shops with so many shelves that it was difficult to squeeze between and market stalls set up straight on the streets.

I saw amazing silks, beautiful lace and great quality linen. Many pieces of silver, glass, and semi-precious stones to create your own design of earrings, bracelets  or necklaces, which explains the popularity of jewellery making courses in HK. If I only had skills like that..

Photos below are from shops along Nam Cheong Street where they sell mainly ribbons and lace.

If you want beads, feathers and buttons head to Yu Chau Street,  Ki Lung Street for fabrics, Tai Nan Street for leather and metal bits and Fun Wing Street for kids toys, stationery and party favours.

A crafters paradise:
Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po-10

Sham Shui Po-6

Sham Shui Po-3

Sham Shui Po-5

Sham Shui Po-8

Sham Shui Po-12

Sham Shui Po-9

Sham Shui Po-11

Sham Shui Po-14

Sham Shui Po-13

Sham Shui Po-15

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