Sum Ngai Brass Ware

Sum Ngai Brass Ware shop has come up in conversation many times over the last 5 years. Saw their lamps, stools and other bits’n’pieces over at friends house and I’ve had it on my list of places to visit for ages. Recently, I made a quick trip there. Only five minutes walk from Kam Sheung Road station, the shop exists in several small buildings.
The rooms are full of bronze and brass products, lacquered furniture, porcelain lamps, replicas of Chinese artifacts, ice buckets, statues of birds and animals, Buddha’s heads, candle holders, garden decorations and even Christmas ornaments. It’s as if every item is in every colour you can ask for. We browsed room after room while a lovely lady (one of the owners) explained in detail how and where cloisonne is made, the history of Sum Ngai as well as some interesting local bits. A surprising shopping experience in HK. Worth going and spending some time learning while looking/shopping at pretty things.
Sum Ngai Brass Wares-3

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-15Cloisonne Ginger Jars.

Sum Ngai Brass WaresNapkin rings.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-7Everything with blue and white floral motif.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-11Expat’s favourites: ceramic garden stools (from 780hkd).

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-3Ceramic lamps.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-2Lovely tea cup with a carp on the bottom.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-16Blue theme.

Sum Ngai Brass WaresFloral vases.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-3

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-8Something for people with bigger gardens.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-4Garden ducks.

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-14

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-17

Sum Ngai Brass Wares-9

I almost took home a very unusual tea pot but managed to resist because it took too long to figure out where I would put it. Instead I bought souvenirs for friends back in Europe. Prices are surprisingly affordable. It is a good place to take visiting relatives and friends for shopping but only if they have enough space (and weight allowance) in their suitcases.
Open daily: 10:00 – 18:00
195B Kam Sheung Road
Kam Tin, New Territories
MTR: Kam Sheung Road

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