Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge-12Golden Gate Bridge in the full glory.

Before I had visited San Francisco, whenever I would hear the name of the city, the first picture that came to mind was the Golden Gate Bridge. Designed by Joseph Strauss, it is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and probably the most photographed bridge in the world. It connects San Francisco to Marin Headlands. After four years of construction, it opened on the 27th of May 1937 and was described by the San Francisco Chronicle of the time as ‘A thirty-five million dollar steel harp’ as this was how much the bridge cost.

It is huge. The towers are 4200 ft (1280meters) apart, each one is 746ft (227m) above the water and or 500ft (152m) above the suspended roadway. 80,000 miles of steel cable were used in the bridge and until 1964 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

We visited the bridge a few times and even drove through it during our stay in San Francisco. One time it was cold and foggy, so cold that I thought that my fingers would freeze while taking photos in a chilling wind. Another time we were lucky to have stunning blue skies all around. I loved seeing it. Orangey-red against a clear blue sky or almost entirely hidden in the fog. It is a impressive structure and a stunning sight.

Golden Gate Bridge-3A warming hut – desperately needed. Despite the sun & blue skies it was FREEZING.

Golden Gate Bridge-13

Golden Gate Bridge-14Speed limit 45.

Golden Gate Bridge-15Sailing under the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge-16Thick cables.

Golden Gate Bridge-17One of the towers.

Golden Gate Bridge-18

Golden Gate Bridge-19A memorial plaque on the west sidewalk in honour of the workers who died building the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge-20

Golden Gate Bridge-23Shadow of the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge-22Lots of cyclists.

Golden Gate BridgeDifferent day. Different mood.

Golden Gate Bridge-4

Golden Gate Bridge-24Green, white and blue.

Golden Gate Bridge-6

Golden Gate Bridge-7Impressive.

Golden Gate Bridge-8Rusted and corroded chain.

Golden Gate Bridge-9View from the Marin Headlands.

Golden Gate Bridge-10Husband & I with frozen smiles.

Golden Gate Bridge-11Bay bridge.

2 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge

    1. Hi, happy to hear that you like my photos. It was my first trip to the US and I am in love with California. Congrats on starting a blog! Looks lovely. Looking forward to your updates from Mexico. Enjoy your holiday!

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