Bixby Creek Bridge

We left Carmel-by-the-Sea on a sunny, perfectly clear day and drove down the Highway 1 up to Bixby Creek Bridge. When we got there the blue sky was gone and the mood of the day had changed dramatically.  The iconic concrete arch bridge connecting Carmel and Big Sur was engulfed in fog. It was cold and windy. We stopped just before the bridge and I was speechless. Doesn’t it look like a different time of year?

Life on the coast must be as unpredictable as in the mountains.


Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-2

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-4

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-5

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-3

Bixby Bridge-3

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-6

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-12

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-9

Bixby Bridge-4

Roadtrip - Bixby Creek Bridge-10

Bixby Bridge-5

A mile or two after the bridge the clear blue sky and sun were back.

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