The Big Sur and beyond

Driving along the central coast of California, the views from Monterey Bay and Big Sur were breathtaking. We loved it. The coastline is stunningly beautiful.

We stopped at Point Lobos State Reserve for a little coastal walk and watched the barking sea lions, drove across Bixby Bridge and down the Old Coast Road, along sharp twisting roads and dramatic cliffs, stopped for coffee and food, watched wave after wave crash on rocky beaches, had a pizza picnic, watched tourists feed very fat squirrels, stopped over and over again and marvelled at how amazing nature is in California.

It was an exhilarating drive through an epic landscape. So different from all our holidays in Asia. We spent hours driving and gazing out of the window and watching the landscape, chatting, listening to music and nursing a hot cups of coffee. Perfect. And all with Husband. I felt grateful and truly blessed.

I am already dreaming of going back. If it only wouldn’t include a 15.5 hour flight from Hong Kong..

California- Big Sur-2

Big Sur-2

Big Sur-6

California- Big Sur

California- Big Sur-3

California- Big Sur-4

California- Big Sur-6

Big Sur-3

California- Big Sur-7

California- Big Sur-10

California- Big Sur-5

California- Big Sur-8

Big Sur-7

Big Sur-6

California- Big Sur-9

California- Big Sur-11

California- Big Sur-12

California- Big Sur-13

Big Sur-5

California- Big Sur-15

California- Big Sur-16

California- Big Sur-17

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