Goodbye 2015!

Time to say goodbye to 2015 and this year it feels not a day too soon.

So here it goes. My recap of the year:


It was a very quiet month at home. Quality time with girlfriends, afternoons and evenings on the sofa reading, eating out, obsessively making salted caramel macaroons and being lazy. Hiked when the weather was perfect.

Goodbye 2016-5And found several of my new favourite spots in HK.

Goodbye 2016-9In the end of the month we went to cold Tokyo for Husband’s birthday weekend. It was his choice (I was voting for hot Bangkok!).

Goodbye 2016-3We celebrated Husband’s birthday and froze whenever we were out as Tokyo was very cold.

Goodbye 2016-16Snow, rain and then lower temperatures with crispy air, blue sky and full sun. We tried to keep warm with many bowls of ramen and soba.


February was a month of winter hiking.

Goodbye 2016-8Very often in the late afternoons and evenings.

Goodbye 2016-6Celebrated Chinese New Year in HK.

Goodbye 2016-2And went to Burma with Husband to show him my “must see” places from the previous year. We spent time in Yangon.

Goodbye 2016-8And explored Inle Lake, which turned out to be his favourtie part of Burma.

Goodbye 2016-21After few days around Inle Lake we flew to Bagan, where we took our first hot air balloon ride.


After 10 days in Burma Husband went back to HK and I stayed for two weeks on a photography workshop with Maciej Dakowicz.

Goodbye 2016-6
Where I had the privilege to photograph beautiful people
Goodbye 2016-10
 and the cutest babies.
Goodbye 2016-5
Overdosed on Lapae yea whenever there was a free moment.
Goodbye 2016-12
Hung out with the cool kids.

Goodbye 2016-3And spent every evening talking about photography.


For Easter we headed to Bangkok.

Goodbye 2016-15

Goodbye 2016-25Then back home for 4 days before heading off for a trip with girlfriends to Japan. Where we managed to catch the last of Cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Goodbye 2016-20Spent three mesmerizing hours watching Sumo practice.

Goodbye 2016-23And just because it was a girls trip, we went to Kyoto for a Geisha makeover.

Swayambhunath - Monkey Temple-26Twelve hours after getting back from Japan I was on the plane to Kathmandu for my second photography workshop of the year.  We had a very intensive 6 days of photography and sightseeing.

Goodbye 2016-19Then on the 25th of April the earthquake happened. I still don’t like to think about it.


It took me some time after Nepal to feel at home. I decided not to attend another photography workshop and just stay still for awhile and rest and sleep.

In the end of May, Husband convinced me to get back on the plane for a long weekend in Tokyo.

Goodbye 2016-5We had a great day at the Sumo Tournament.

Goodbye 2016-7


Our big trip of the year was 3.5 weeks of June in California.

Downtown LA-25We started our trip in Downtown Los Angeles.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour-27Flew for a fun weekend to Las Vegas.

Goodbye 2016-10Visited the Grand Canyon.

AlcatrazAnd then spent a week in San Francisco.

Goodbye 2016-22We rented a car and first headed to The Redwood National Forest where I fell in love with California.

Goodbye 2016-21We spent a total of twelve days driving along the coast.

Goodbye 2016-20Which turned out to be the most relaxing and beautiful holiday ever.


MacLehose Trail - Stage 6&7-19Traditionally, at the hottest time of the year, I feel the need to hike and be outdoors everyday.

Goodbye 2016-2Rain or sunshine. I wanted to be on the trails.

Goodbye 2016-19And when I was not hiking I was at the beach. Sometimes even with Husband.

Goodbye 2016-11And then I was hiking again.


August was a month of two trips.

Goodbye 2016-2A long weekend in Tokyo.

Goodbye 2016-14And a long flight to Poland for a family meet up.

Goodbye 2016-15
 To see my Mum.

Goodbye 2016-12Celebrate her 60th birthday and the new house.

Goodbye 2016-4Spent a day visiting Zakopane.

Goodbye 2016-11And a week in the countryside with my Mum, Lukasz and Ania where we ate a ridiculous amount of food, had bonfires every evening and sat for hours in the garden (and did quite a bit of housework too!).


Like last year it was a month when we went to Japan for a little longer than a weekend.

Goodbye 2016Several days in Tokyo.

Goodbye 2016-35Then Kyoto.

Goodbye 2016-24Visited Nara for the first time.

Goodbye 2016-36And Yokohama.


It was month of catching up on reading and writing. Deciding if we should stay longer in Hong Kong or leave. But leave for where? Sign another 14month lease on our apartment or look for something else?

I started regularly jogging with Husband. Finally.

We spent a long weekend in Bangkok. Unfortunately, this October without Lukasz & Ania.

Goodbye 2016-13There is no Bangkok visit without a look at Wat Arun.


Bartek came for a two week visit. Weather was stunning for the middle of November. We didn’t do any sightseeing in Hong Kong. Instead we hiked a lot and spent hours on the beach on Lamma Island.

Goodbye 2016-20

Goodbye 2016-17We hiked the mandatory Dragon’s Back, Sunset Peak and parts of Hong Kong and Wilson’s trails.

Goodbye 2016-16From HK we flew to Bangkok for 36 hours of sightseeing.

Goodbye 2016-19And then for the main part of our trip: Siem Reap.


Another friend visited us in Hong Kong. Apart from some light sightseeing, we went hiking (of course).

Goodbye 2016-28For Christmas we managed to escape the cooler and grey days in HK to one of our favourite spots: Bangkok.

Goodbye 2016-31Where we took full advantage of city nightlife and their top notch restaurants, bars and coffee shops. It turned out to be the perfect way to spend Christmas.

Tonight we are staying in with some comfort food and a good bottle of wine. No grand plans. Just like we like it. Hopefully with an early start tomorrow morning.

This year I have been waiting for the 31st of December. It is finally here. On one hand it was a great year with an incredible and loving Husband by my side, many trips, returning to the places which we knew, seeing family, sharing life with great friends, delightful sights, beautiful meals and new people… On the other hand it was a very emotional and rough year. Weighed down by the (sometimes seemingly) smallest things. This year drained me physically and mentally. Difficult year.

So, a clean slate for the new year. Big hopes for 2016.

I am ready for 2016 to begin. Goodbye 2015!

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