Hiking Wilson Trail – Stage 1

Friend of mine mentioned sometime ago that she has never hiked the Wilson trail. I did it four years ago and since then repeated the nicest sections only. The Wilson trail is 78km long (second longest trail in HK) and has 10 stages. It takes a longer time to get to some of the later sections but it is definitely worth doing. This was one of the ways I got to know HK.

The trail starts in Stanley (on HK Island), leads to Kowloon and finishes in Nam Chun in north-east New Territories. Starting a long trail with a couple of friends is great motivation to get out there and (hopefully) complete all of the sections. As much as I love doing my regular hikes around HK I want to see other parts of this beautiful region.

We looked at the weather this week and there was one day which looked promising. After a week of grey and heavy skies it turned out to be a dreamy day for a hike in January.

Stage 1 of the Wilson trail is one of my favourite hikes on Hong Kong island. I used to dread it as there are a lot of stairs, stairs and more stairs. It is certainly the best workout ‘walk’ around here and parts of it are tough. I love the idea that a minute or two after starting the walk up from Stanley, I am in the middle of a mass of green, surrounded by stunning views. This was one of the first hikes I did with Husband after arriving in HK. It is full of good memories (probably just for me, as he didn’t enjoy it too much).

There were many all-girl groups (and some single men) doing the same hike while chatting or walking dogs.

Willson Trail - Stage 1Not an easy start. Stairs, stairs and more stairs.

Willson Trail - Stage 1View over Stanley.

Willson Trail - Stage 1Beginning of a beautiful day.

Willson Trail - Stage 1-8Punishing our muscles.

Willson Trail - Stage 1More stairs. Literally thousands of them.

20160113050709Chatting with Kami.

Willson Trail - Stage 1

Willson Trail - Stage 1Dragonfly which stood still for photos.

Willson Trail - Stage 1Visible trail amongst the green.

Willson Trail - Stage 1-21This is a spot where you can head back to to civilization if you don’t fancy doing more stairs.

Willson Trail - Stage 1Hiking trio.

Willson Trail - Stage 1We will be following these markers for 78km.

Willson Trail - Stage 1-16Blue sky.

Willson Trail - Stage 1-14

Willson Trail - Stage 1Heading towards Parkview and the end of Stage 1. Every time I see Parkview, I cannot help but think about the infamous ‘Milkshake’ murder.

Willson Trail - Stage 1-18View from Violet Hill.

Now I really fancy doing it during evening as a night hike. Anyone fancy joining?

Stage 1 Stanley Gap Road –> Wong Nei Chung Reservoir 4.8km

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