Yokohama: Cup Noodle Museum

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-31

Who hasn’t grabbed one of Cup Noodle’s instant ramen cups at one time or another? I love ramen, all kinds and at any time of the day. If we wouldn’t be living across the street from one of the best ramen restaurants in HK (Ramen Nagi – try the Red or Black ramen it’s amazing!), I would have a large supply of Cup Noodle in the cupboard.  When I heard it was possible to design and create my own Cup Noodle in Yokohama, we headed their at the first opportunity.

Cup Noodle Museum is located in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district. It is a huge, beautiful building with white walls, wood flooring and high ceilings. We headed straight to the 3rd floor where we were taken step-by-step through the process of designing and creating our own instant noodle recipe. We not only decorated the cups. We were also in charge of turning the crank to load noodles (one of their innovations to get around the problem of noodle positioning) into the cup, picking our flavour base (curry, seafood or soy sauce) and then toppings (corn, crab, shrimp, green onion, cheese, fishcake, egg, green beans and many more). I must admit that we were laughing as much as the kids were when we ‘worked’ on our ramen.

I was afraid that we would be the only adults not accompanying kids on the fun trip to this peculiar ‘museum’. I was so wrong! Japanese people were happy to hang out there, regardless of their age. We saw many couples on dates, manly (leather covered, heavy metal fans type) guys holding several of just decorated cups in their crash-proof inflated ‘airbags’ and way past middle-age people enjoying their visit there.

It is a very engaging, inspiring and fun place to visit with kids or without.

As for us.. the next time we’re in Yokohama we will be happy to visit the Ramen Museum again.

cup noodle boy animation

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-7

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-8One cup: ¥300.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-9It was not crowded when we arrived. We washed our hands with alcohol as instructed. Picked one Styrofoam container each. And were ushered to a table with colourful markers and felt pens.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-18Time to show our artistic side (or in my case a lack of one).

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-19It was fun watching the adults take decorating the cups very seriously.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-10My cup is getting noodles!

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-11Choosing one of the 5,460 combinations for our cups.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-12Husband’s cup.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-13Happy employee of My Cup Noodles Factory with my spicy cup.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-14Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-15Machine spitting out the finished product.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-16Our cups.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-17Now the last step: each cup gets their own puffy protective packaging to keep it safe during it’s journey home (or until we left the museum and pierced the bags in order to stuff them into our backpack..).

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-23Walkway towards the Instant Noodles History Cube. Inside, they display every package and type of instant noodles produced since 1958 (organized by year).

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-25Couple standing in front of a wall of ramen.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-26U.F.O – we picked up a couple of those the next day from a convenience store. Had to try them. Still not sure why they are called: U.F.O.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-27There are over 3000 packaged products from over half a century.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-32

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-30Statue of Momofuku Ando (1910-2007). Inventor of instant noodles. We enjoyed a short CG animation movie (with our necessary English language headsets) about him and the history of instant ramen.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-29Kid standing in front of the Momofuku Ando Story (58-meter long display).

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-21Our last stop was at the Noodles Bazaar. It is a food hall decorated to look like an Asian food market where you can buy many different noodles from around the world.

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-20

Yokohama - Cup Noodle Museum-22

2-3-4 Shinko,
Yokohama 231-0001

8 minute walk from the Minatomirai Station (Minatomirai line)

Entrance fee: ¥500
DIY Cup Noodles: ¥300
Noodle Bazaar: from  ¥150 per bowl

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